Hello! My name is Christine –
I’m a rice obsessed (#riceislife) new mom living in Toronto, Ontario. I love snapping photos of my food and travels to share with you!

Welcome to Thinking a Bao Food – where I share food recipes and travel adventures through photos.

I’ve always found play on words amusing and knew I wanted to incorporate this into the title of my blog. Hence, thinking a bao food was created. I’m hoping these easy, fresh and tasty recipes help those busy families out when they aren’t sure what to make! Having simple recipes makes life easier and who doesn’t want that?

Why did you name your site Thinking a Bao Food?

Baos are so special to me because they bring a sense of nostalgia. Char siu baos were my favourite growing up (and to this day!) so when I have one, I remember my childhood. Fun fact, my son’s nickname is little bao!

Favourite Food?

This changes so often! I have a ton of favourite foods across a variety of cuisines. I’ll share a few favourites of mine from my heritage (and my husband’s, since we have Italian often).

Chinese (Hong Kong)(mom’s side): Char Siu Bao, Hainan Chicken, Beef Ho fun

Macedonian (dad’s side): Zelnik, Baklava

Italian (husband): Pasta Al Forno, Prosciutto (literally, just the deli), Sfogliatelle

Favourite place travelled and where to next?

Loved visiting Turkey, it was a perfect blend of many cultures and cuisines. Incredible! If you want an amazing beach closer to North America, Anguilla is your spot!

Would love to visit South America (Chili, Boliva, Peru, Galapagos) or Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines.

What is your full time job?

I work in Health & Safety/Food Safety.